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092210 0653 1 GuaranteeOur Guarantee

“Our ultimate guarantee…to produce the absolute best possible search exposure based on actual returns not just traffic. Results will be measured and compared to the level of investment made by our clients for optimal return on Investment…which is the primary objective for increasing client’s bottom line. This will be the ultimate determining factor in our success together, and the results will speak for themselves.

Local Packages

New Clients, will receive a 30 day guarantee “no questions asked ” for Local SEO. If at any time within the first 30 days, we have not provided the service that you would expect, we will issue a 110% refund. In addition, you’ll be able to keep all website files, and although local is SEO work to include directories, testimonials, and any other work up to the date of refund request. Over 50% of our clients upgrade within the first 60 days, and we are proud or the results that are attained consistently. Refunds will be issued within 3 days from the time of request…Requests must be made via email directly to “refund” in the subject line. Or by calling us at 954-514-9330.

092210 0653 2 GuaranteePro Services money back guarantee.

Our SEO Service provides you SEO guarantee If we fail to deliver top ten positioning for any particular keyword, our money back guarantee will take effect based on the number of remaining keywords.

You will have the option of either taking the money back or provide us some extra time to reach top 10 ranking for the keyword and we will include additional keywords to offset the loss in traffic if any.

092210 0653 3 GuaranteeBring in the artillery…

Not every site will respond the same to link building, and we have special methods and expert staff who can penetrate these challenges.

We reserve the right to request that we have our advanced team to be called in to attempt and resolve these ranking issues utilizing advanced methods. This is reserved for our clients who invest $100,000 or more for services annually and rely on number one positions over many keywords on a day to day basis for very high traffic sites.

Commonly, we can bring in additional help two achieve the necessary results in a short period of time once alerted. Our resources and staff is capable of providing unparalleled services.

Truthfully, It is easy to structure services, and at the end of the day its about ROI not about choosing easy keywords to rank for. Additionally, it’s not about the number of keywords either… Some sites are incredibly lucrative ranking for a single keyword.

Our ultimate guarantee is to produce the absolute best possible outcome for the level of invest possible, and we will always go above beyond.

Our guarantee is to produce speedy results without sacrificing link building campaigns that may look unnatural to Google. Expedited campaigns can risk and penalties and the sandbox affect. We monitored results closely, and operate in a consistent and meticulous process that will ensure results without risk.

All rankings apply to Google, and never second tier networks.

We will sustain one of the best white hat SEO standards for your project. It is our policy to give significant importance to every individual project within our Service Network. Additionally, it is our strict policies to follow Google’s guidelines, and never engage in black and techniques and risk faster results that would later prove fatal to your rankings.

Expect only the highest standards, and the benefit of the latest technology for expedited and I was standing results compared to our competitors. No other SEO has achieved the level of success did ProSeoFL has achieved.


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